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Begin to enjoy the benefits of doing business with API with the following credit application. If you have not already opened an account with us, please download and complete the documents linked below.

Submit completed forms to AR@apiofnh.com

  • Signatures of principal(s) are mandatory. Our terms and conditions must be signed before your account is opened.

  • A personal guarantee is required unless your company has operated for at least five years.

  • If you are tax-exempt, we will need a copy of your exemption certificate.

  • If you are purchasing restricted equipment, you must provide us with copies of your EPA certificates in compliance with the Clean Air Act of 1990.

  • If you fax your application, please mail the signed application and keep a copy of your records.

  • Your application will be processed within five business days of our office receiving it. If an order is pending, please notify us so we can expedite processing. Once the application has been approved, API of NH will notify you by mail of our terms, return policies and your credit limit.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact us at (603) 668-7810.


At API of NH/Delta T, our technical support allows us to be there for customers when they need us most.

If you're experiencing an issue, our tech support team is here to assist you in troubleshooting and finding a solution as quickly as possible. Before contacting us, please have the following information readily available to streamline the process:

• Model and serial number of the indoor or outdoor unit

• Error code

• Service tools on-hand to gather required information for troubleshooting, such as a multi-meter, refrigerant gauge set, psychrometer and manometer


If you need support or have questions on equipment or installation, please email or call our Technical Support Specialists:

Bryan Feather
Technical Support Specialist
Email: Bryan.Feather@apiofnh.com
Phone: (603) 668-7810
Cell: (401) 640-8953

Jason LeBlanc
Technical Support Specialist

Email: Jason.LeBlanc@apiofnh.com
Phone: (603) 668-7810
Cell: (603) 703-8525

Paul Valente
Technical Support Specialist

Email: paul.valente@apiofnh.com
Phone: (603) 668-7810
Cell: (603) 404-3137

Nicholas Pantazelos
Technical Support Specialist

Email: nicholas.pantazelos@apiofnh.com
Phone: (603) 668-7810
Cell: (603) 247-6797

Roger Espling
Technical Support and Parts Manager

Email: roger.espling@apiofnh.com
Phone: (603) 668-7810


Massachusetts and New Hampshire require a Manual J load calculation for obtaining an HVAC permit. This ensures that HVAC systems are designed and sized correctly, ultimately leading to greater efficiency, comfort and customer satisfaction.

As a trusted service provider, we offer load calculations to ensure our customers receive the best possible results. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis and aim to deliver results within 48 hours.

To guarantee timely completion, we ask that you provide us with advance notice. We are also pleased to offer load calculation services for larger projects to meet your needs.


Calculation Fees (Note: All materials must be purchased from API/Delta T.)

Manual J + Manual S                          $50

Manual J + Manual S + Manual D      $100

Long J (full report)                              $250

Expedite fee                                       $100 (This service might not be always available.)

Commercial Manual-N                       Fee based on project size


These fee-based services will be billed to your account as a separate item. We will include your PO number on the invoice. If no PO number is provided, we will invoice you under the job name or address you provide.

If you have questions or want to learn more about these services, contact us at (603) 668-7810 or estimating@apiofnh.com.


We offer hydronic services focused on designing and installing hydronic heating and cooling systems to provide comfort throughout homes and buildings.

Hydronics Services:

  • System Design: Hydronic heating and cooling system design, including in-floor radiant, baseboard, panel radiators, unit heaters and hydro-air systems

  • Piping Schematics: Full piping diagrams for boiler and chiller system installation

  • Radiant Loop Layouts: Radiant loop piping diagrams for in-floor, in-slab and under-floor radiant heating systems

  • Load Calculations: Manual J, S and D building heating and cooling load calculations

  • Residential Boiler Programming and Troubleshooting

Whether you want to install a new system or upgrade an existing one, we've got you covered. Contact our hydronics specialists today!


Ryan Morse
Hydronic Specialist


At API of NH, we believe that your time is valuable. Every moment spent waiting for a wholesaler to deliver a crucial part is a loss of potential profit. That's why we prioritize meeting your needs quickly and efficiently. Our knowledgeable, expert parts staff boasts a vast inventory of parts to serve not only the products we sell, but also those sold by other wholesalers.

To take your efficiency and profitability to the next level, we've developed a unique automatic reorder program to ensure that commonly used parts are always stocked on your shelves and in your service vehicles.

To learn more about the program, contact:


Roger Espling
Technical Support Specialist


        Return Material Form                                                                                                                                                            Rheem Limited Warranty Form


Since 1987, API of NH has provided custom residential and commercial ductwork for your unique spaces. We will manufacture spiral, square or round ductwork to your specification. We also offer welded stainless steel and aluminum galvanized steel products for greater durability.

Our 20,000-square-foot sheet metal operation has the knowledge and experience to provide quality products that fit your unique needs.

With full coil lines, along with multiple cybermation and spiral machines, our Manchester and Eliot sheet metal operations will provide the custom quality product you need with reduced lead time.

Call (800) 628-2157 to place your order or contact our Sheet Metal Shop staff:


Jonathan Gilberti
Manufacturing Manager

Bobbi-Sue Lauder
Sheet Metal Shop Sales

Kyle Boulanger
Sheet Metal Shop Sales